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Cities of Myanmar: Discover what to do on your next trip!

by Juan José Herranz | July 24, 2019
temple in the mountains in Myanmar

Myanmar, or Burma if you prefer this name, is characterised for being a country of high touristic and historical interest. Discover the cities in Myanmar you simply can't miss while in the country.

Bagan, the city of 4,000 pagodas

It was founded around the 11th century when the monarch Anawratha converted to Buddhism. He then decided to dedicate the entire city to this religion. For this reason, temples and stupas fill the city and its surroundings. Shwe Zi Gon and Ananda, among others, stand out for their beauty.

The area surrounding the city can be travelled by quad and the city offers an interesting nightlife. During the day it is calm.

Inthein and Sanga, a trip to the most traditional Burmese culture

They are close of Inle Lake. It is possible to walk through its narrow streets, visit seventeenth-century pagodas and learn more about Inthar culture. Craft stalls and floating gardens are two of its many attractions. The area is becoming one of the favourite places for tourists.

Inthein in Myanmar

Kalaw, an example of colonial architecture

This Myanmar city sits 1,500 metres high and is located in Shan State. Inle Lake is nearby. This city has become the perfect retreat for the wealthiest people. It is possible to do different hiking routes during which you will cross green meadows at high altitude with views that are impressive.

Mandalay, the surprises of the old capital

To walk through its streets is doing it for the history of the country. The balance between tradition and modernity is perfect. The beauty of the Golden Monastery, built using teak, is unforgettable. In the Maha Myat Muni pagoda tehre is the oldest Buddha in the nation.

You can also find the Royal Palace, accurately restored after the Second World War, and the Kuthodaw pagoda, home to 700 monoliths that tell the story of Buddha.  Lastly, from the hill of Mandalay it is possible to admire the best image of the city.

Yangon and its chaotic charm

This city was the capital of the country, and is characterised by hosting the international airport you will arrive at. You will be surprised by the chaos in both traffic and urban planning, but that's where its main beauty lies. Hundreds of street markets, incipient western-style shopping centres and intense activity will help you to better understand the secrets of this city.

Karaweik Palace in Myanmar

Naipyido, the most curious capital

It's one of the most important cities in Myanmar, if not the most important.

It was inaugurated in 2006 after years of construction and became the capital of Myanmar by decree. 1,200,000 people live there, despite the fact that its total area exceeds 7,000 square kilometres. The Uppatasanti pagoda is one of the most impressive in the country.

You will find everything during your stay except for people because at the moment the city is not as attractive for farmers as the government hoped for when designing it.