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Places to see and things to do in Toronto, Canada

by Juan José Herranz | May 12, 2020
Toronto sign in Canada

Although the capital of Canada is Ottawa, Toronto is the country's great economic and metropolitan landmark, a modern and cosmopolitan city with a skyline full of skyscrapers presided over by the majestic CN Tower.

Toronto is a kind of Canadian New York, but smaller and more affordable. In fact, many movies set in the Big Apple have actually been shot in this city to cut costs. It is an eminently multicultural city, with a high percentage of the population not born in Canada, which has given rise to a city absolutely open to all. 

Toronto is also an excellent starting point to explore one of North America's natural wonders: Niagara Falls. Just an hour and a half from the city, there is no excuse not to visit them. Also, with our Canada travel tips, you can confidently travel to Toronto. Here you will find all the things to do in Toronto, Canada. 

Things to do in Toronto, Canada

CN Tower, one of the things to do in Toronto

Without a doubt, one of the things to see in Toronto is this 553 meter high communication tower.

You can climb up to two levels, the first at 340 meters and the second at 447 meters. We recommend going up to the top of everything, because of the spectacular views you will get of Toronto and Lake Ontario.

Distillery Historic District, a Toronto must see

The old distilleries of the city were concentrated in this district. What until a few years ago was a totally marginal area, has become the fashionable neighborhood of Toronto, full of charming corners, small shops, cute cafes... All in a completely pedestrian area, really quiet and interesting to visit.

One of the things to do in Toronto, Canada is seeing the nightlife in Toronto

Chinatown, Toronto's picturesque tourist district

Immigrants, especially from China, who came to Toronto to build the railroads, gave birth to this picturesque neighborhood. Some of the things to do in Toronto, Canada, are walking through Chinatown's streets and seeing Kensington Market, full of exotic products.

Yorkville, a must see in Toronto for the elite

This beautiful residential neighborhood has always been an emblematic place in the city. At the end of the 19th century, this neighborhood was the favorite place of Toronto's elite, which is why most of its houses are characterized by their elegant Victorian style. However, in the mid-twentieth century this neighborhood caught the attention of the hippies. Currently, it is considered one of the most 'trendy' areas of the city and some of the things to do in Toronto, Canada.

Casa Loma, castle with fascinating labyrinth gardens

This impressive castle with fascinating labyrinth gardens was built in the late 19th century at the request of businessman Henry Pellat, one of the people who contributed most to the development of the city of Toronto, being responsible for bringing hydroelectricity to the city.

St. Lawrence neighborhood

This neighborhood is part of the historic center of the city, and is probably one of the most authentic areas.

Here you will find the old town hall, the Cathedral and the famous St. Lawrence Market, one of the most representative buildings in the city, which draws the attention of every visitor for its red bricks.

One of the things to do in Toronto: St. Lawrence neighborhood in Toronto

Art Gallery of Ontario

This art gallery has a wide and interesting collection of contemporary, American, European and African artists. Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the things to do in Toronto, if you want to find authentic masterpieces by artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso and Henry Moore.

Path, Toronto's central tourist underground city

Although Path is not characterized by having any tourist attraction, nor stands out for its architectural beauty, it is curious for every tourist to walk through this underground city that houses the central area of Toronto. In addition, on colder days it is a perfect plan without having to step on the street.

City Hall Toronto, the tourist center of the city

The City Hall is made up of Queen Street, Dundas Square and Yonge Street, and is considered the most central area of Toronto, as well as the financial and economic district of the city.

In this area you will find some of the main things to do in Toronto, Canada: seeing the large skyscrapers, the new City Hall, the curious Nathan Phillips square and the Eaton Center, a huge shopping center. Most tourists choose to stay in this area of Toronto.

what to see in Toronto City Hall Toronto

More things to do in Toronto

Canada: exploring Lake Ontario

If you ask anybody, what to see in Toronto, they will tell that one of the things to see in Toronto is Lake Ontario. The surroundings of Lake Ontario are a pleasant place to go for a walk and enjoy the ‘beaches’ located on its shores.

It is a place full of young people, groups of friends, families, couples... This area takes on a new life during spring and summer, when it is much more pleasant to go for a walk.

Thousand Islands, a must see in Toronto for tourists

No visit to Toronto is complete without a getaway to the Thousand Islands, located on the final stretch of the San Lorenzo River, next to the mouth of Lake Ontario. This region is made up of 1800 archipelagos, 50 miles full of islets of different sizes, some so small that only a house and a pier fit. Really highly recommended and the ferry ride is not too long.

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