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Complete guide for safe travel in USA: Is the US safe?

by Ana Sofía Teresita | July 22, 2019
view of the Empire State building in New York

Is the US safe?

The extreme security of USA in its airports and in all entries to the country are popular, but what do we know about the country's own security? Is it safe to travel to USA? We answer this question and give you advice on security and recommendations to stay safe in the streets of USA.

It’s obvious that the security in USA is not an issue, precisely because of the security measures that the country has. Yes, it’s absolutely safe, although it’s a clear target for some terrorist groups. However, and with the data in hand, this threat doesn’t diminish the safety of one of the countries in the world with more security per square meter. 

In other words, it’s safe to travel in USA, but not in all areas equally.

Is the United States safe as a whole or are there areas to avoid?

It’s obvious that the touristy cities and the must-see places to visit in USA are highly monitored by the authorities. 

Baltimore for safe travel in USA

In this sense, it is convenient to know that Detroit, St. Louis of Missouri, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta or Baltimore are some of the cities in the US with higher crime rates. It advisable for travellers to take extreme precautions. Let's review the general precautions to take into account if you are travelling to the US.

Tips and precautions for safe travel in USA

  • A precaution that you must take before your trip is having medical insurance. In the US, regardless of the state, all healthcare is private. Getting sick on your trip without insurance can be very expensive.
  • Stay away from the suburbs at night and the secluded areas of all cities and comply with the rules set by the US authorities. 
  • You should always carry your documents and know what you can and can’t bring in your suitcase. Read our guide to the US entry requirements and make sure you have everything prepared.
  • We advise you to register with the Registered Traveler Program. It’s voluntary, but it makes things much easier in the case of an emergency.